Jan 19th: Mt. Pulag Part 7 – Aftermath

 The challenge doesn’t end at Mt. Pulag. You take it with you.

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Jan 17th: Mt. Pulag Part 5 – Ambangeg Trail

Photo courtesy of Mhikael

Photo grabbed from PinoyMountaineer

Photo grabbed from PinoyMountaineer

Here’s the sign that greeted us at the start of the Amabangeg trail.  It is just one of the many trails of Mt. Pulag, and also the easiest. It will only take an average of three hours to reach the Grassland summit.

The other famous trail is the Akiki, also knows as the killer trail because it will take three days to get to the summit.

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Jan 16th: Mt. Pulag Part 4 – Baguio Outside Trekkers

Steph. Photo courtesy of MhikaelWe arrived in Bagiuo two hours earlier our estimated arrival. However, our jeepney transfer to Benguet did not arrive on time. We had coffee and the famous Baguio strawberry taho while waiting. We also changed to our thermal clothes.

Benguet Chicken. Photo courtesy of Querwin

We had our breakfast in Benguet. After 5 minutes, the food is as cold like it came from the fridge.

After breakfast, we’re off to Mt. Pulag. We didn’t miss the chance to experience riding on top of the jeepney. We had to bend to avoid the hanging water pipelines to hit our head.

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Jan 9th: Mt. Pulag Part 1 – Quick Facts and Preparations


Camping in the snow! Sunrise at the Sea of Clouds! Milky Way Galaxy at night!

I’m just exaggerated. There’s a possibility of seeing frosts in the coldest months, but no snow. I’m so excited to go camping next week for the first time in freezing cold temperature. I’ve seen photos and heard a lot about Mt. Pulag and next week I will be climbing the highest peak in Luzon. Too excited I decided that I’ll be writing my travel log for the first time as requested by my associates who will be hiking a few weeks after I do.

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