Jan 31st: DIY Laundry

First time to wash my clothes in a DIY laundry shop and first time to use a front loader. Paid 69 pesos for 2 tokens, plus a scoop of detergent and fabric conditioner. The price was the same amount I pay if I had it picked up by my usual laundry service provider. I would have saved more had I known that minimum wash can be as heavy as 8 kilos and I can bring my own laundry supplies. Next time, I know! Took me less than an hour wash and dry my clothes. I wouldn’t mind washing my own clothes if it’s this easy!



In response to The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Image Search

Pick a random word and do Google image search on it. Check out the eleventh picture it brings up. Write about whatever that image brings to mind.

I find the image disturbingly creative. It’s awesome how an artist’s mind works. What we see is different in his eyes. This wall art just brought me to another world.

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Jan 3rd: New Pancake Art

Kids these days are either too busy watching television or playing with computer or cellphone — too busy to eat. How can you convince them to eat without them knowing it?

My six year-old niece loves pancake. I previously told her that there’s a restaurant where we can draw using pancakes and cook them. We have tried it and she did enjoy, but there was no chocolate flavor available then. This time I got 2 flavors for us to play with. She said it’s too cute and can’t resist to take a bite. She ate loads! 😀


Looks more like Olaf than my previous try at home. Success!

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DIY Cat Travel Box

Imagine. Make it happen. Resourcefulness is being creative to make use of available resources to meet your needs.

This is for cat owners who don’t want to spend much like me, especially when re-homing cats. My three kittens found their new homes before this Christmas. I love them dearly and so I wanted to let their new family get that message. Making their cardboard box look like a gift by putting a personal touch will relay that message.

Previously, I made them a play area out of old cardboards. But they are bigger now and once they are re-homed, no one will play anymore. I decided to use them for this DIY project.


Presenting the scraps! I had to transform the cardboards, I previously chipped, into a box again. Depends on the available materials how you’ll make it. There’s no really Step 123.

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DIY Cat Scratcher

My housemates were about to throw a cardboard box, but I asked if I can have it instead. I don’t like spending. I also think if I can reuse something before throwing them away.

I flatten the cardboard box and my cat jumped over it and started scratching. I had a Eureka moment! I’ll made a cat scratcher out of it since I have no plans at all for the day and I’m bored.

Supplies needed: Old cardboard, scissors, utility knife / cutter, packaging tape

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