Jan 15th: Mt. Pulag Part 3 – Packing

When climbing a mountain, there’s one thing to keep in mind: pack smart. To be more specific, it means to pack light and pack everything you need. It is very important to know the itinerary and make list of what you need to bring based from it. Knowing how to pack effectively is also important. Here’s some packing tips from me.

Know the itinerary

Know where you’re going, how long, what the activities are, where you’re staying in for the night, and what are included in the package (if applicable). In some travels that I’d been, they already have the tent and the kitchen utensils. For Mt. Pulag, we don’t. See: Itinerary


You won’t need an individual tent, it’s to share. Luckily, the men in the group will bring them.

Know What to Bring

Make a list of what you need. See: Crossing off my checklist

Anticipate your trip

Imagine how things will go on the actual trip. It will help you be more organized when packing.

Travel from Manila to Baguio. Average temperature in Manila is 25 degrees celsius. Too hot compared to the freezing temperature expected at the mountain. I won’t wear my thermal suits from Manila. I have a smaller bag with my trekking suit and my clothes going back to Manila. I’ll get change before we start the trek and leave my clothes at the tour coach. It’s less the hassle so I had a separate bag. I didn’t want to open my camping bag. It’s estimated to he 6-hour ride, I packed some food to eat (and share) on the way.

Trekking proper. I’ll wear my trekking shorts on top of a thermal leggings, a dry-fit shirt on top a comfortable long-sleeved shirt. I have my bonnet and the pieces to convert my trekking shorts to pants in my pocket. I have yet to try but hopefully my thermal top will also fit my side pocket. Otherwise, I’ll wrap it on my waist. Basically what I kept in the bag are the stuff that I’ll use when we arrive at the camp site.

Fold clothes together

I do this when I’m on a few days travel and when I’m off to the beach. I fold me clothes that I’ll wear in the morning, evening, and night. I won’t recommend this method for camping. Why? It’s only an overnight camping. We don’t get to bathe. If we’re going to change, it’s most likely just the top.

Rolling clothes

This is what I’m talking about saving space. Roll your clothes tight. I use rubber bands to make sure they remain well rolled when I pull somethings in my bag.

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Pack in bundles

It’s easier to pack an unpack items from the bag when they’re grouped. Imagine what I have in my bag: Blanket, food, gadgets, thermal clothes, underwear, and toiletries. If I packed them randomly just to fit them in the bag, it will be hard to look for something. Trust me, I was like that before. I learned in my travels.

Pack in advance

Pack at least two days before. Sometimes we missed something in our checklist that we’ll only remember when we pack. Packing ahead will give you enough time to buy what you need. Packing earlier will give you an idea how heavy your bag has gotten. Sometimes you’ll need to unpack and choose which clothes you’ll really need. If you can’t decide, think which clothes you can repeat wearing.

We’re leaving tonight and I will have backlogs for my daily posts. Wish us luck that it won’t get too cloudy and we get to see the Sea of Clouds. Mt. Pulag here we come!


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