Jan 17th: Mt. Pulag Part 5 – Ambangeg Trail

Photo courtesy of Mhikael

Photo grabbed from PinoyMountaineer

Photo grabbed from PinoyMountaineer

Here’s the sign that greeted us at the start of the Amabangeg trail.  It is just one of the many trails of Mt. Pulag, and also the easiest. It will only take an average of three hours to reach the Grassland summit.

The other famous trail is the Akiki, also knows as the killer trail because it will take three days to get to the summit.

The trail

Expect everything! Rocky, mossy, flat, grassy, steep, and muddy! I didn’t get a photo of the steep and the extreme muddy part. I need to use both of my hands to balance.

Easiest trail is not that easy

Don’t be too comfortable knowing that Ambangeg is the easiest trail. We stopped a lot of times to rest. We can feel our hearts beating faster and faster. It was tiring, but the amazing views we walk into kept us going.

At the camping ground

You will be assigned which camping ground to set the tent. You can’t just choose s spot you like. The number is controlled to what the mountain can surely carry.

It was cloudy but somehow, we got a view of the sunset.

Photo courtesy of Bryan

Photo credits to Kathryn Llasos, Joseph Poblete, Mhikael Divinagracia, Bryan Burgos

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