Last afternoon with lola

I have something to tell you… I wrote a draft of this in my mind on March 27, 2014. Today is the last day that we’ll be seeing our lola as we bid her goodbye at Memorial Park Dasmariñas. She had lived 90 colourful years. I know it hasn’t been all easy for grandma. I have only lived one-third of her life and experienced a lot of happiness and pain. All my family and anyone who knows Lola Eleng would agree on that, yet she always looked at the brighter side of life that is apparent with her timeless smile.

Me and Lola Eleng on her 90th birthday last January.

Me and Lola Eleng on her 90th birthday last January.

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Starting from the end

I have something to tell you… This is my first entry for this blog, but this is not my first blog. I had one before where I posted my selected works in college. But as I stepped out of the four walls of the university, I sadly left writing in my locker. It has not been a quiet four years. I have heard my pen knocking and the sound of my notebook being flipped, both which I have dishearteningly ignored. *sigh* There I have confessed it, now I can start all over again.

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