Jan 19th: Mt. Pulag Part 7 – Aftermath

 The challenge doesn’t end at Mt. Pulag. You take it with you.


When I got home, I felt exhausted, hungry, my whole body is aching, and I felt like I was going to have a fever.  As soon as I dropped my bags, I freshen up myself and prepared for bed. I slept half the day. My body doesn’t want to leave the bed, but I had to drag myself up. I only have a day before I get back to work.

Expectations and Excitement

I just thought about random things again while cleaning.

Long before we climbed, I already heard a lot about Mt. Pulag. I’ve also seen photos of how majestic it is. We were so excited for our camping.

Reality: Need I say more?

Don’t get me wrong. Yes, we got wet, very wet; our hands hurt as it freezes; our bodies were chilling; to walk on mud was gross; delays with our scheduled itinerary were frustrating; and trekking was very tiring. We did not consider our experience below our expectation. It exceeded! That’s what an adventure is. Things never happen as planned. It was a fulfilling mission and all of us are determined to do it again.

Summary of expenses

How much did it cost me all in all?

2700 Tour package (see inclusions)
20 Coffee in Baguio
75 Breakfast in Benguet
75 Bonnet with scarf near DENR
300 One-way porter
140 Dinner in Good Taste Resturant, Baguio
60 Sandals in Benguet (can be as much as 100 if you have bigger feet)
300 taxi fare to and from my flat
Total: PhP 3670

Note: Things that I bought in preparation of the climb not included. Amount may vary depending on what you have, what you can borrow and what you need to buy.


+ Cold: First time to experience 3 degrees
+ Typhoon: I wouldn’t want to experience it again, but it’s an awesome adventure
+ Trail: Worth the experience (rocky, muddy, mossy, grassy, flat, steep)
+ Beautiful landscapes
+ Vegetables: Fresh from the farm
+ Good Taste Restaurant in Baguio, thumbs up!
+ Good exercise
+ Awesome adventure
+ Kind locals and mountaineers
+ Highly recommendable to try, and more highly recommended to prepare
+ Must come back!
Cold and wet (cold is ok, cold and wet will make you sick)
Lack of photos: Hands were freezing to take photos
Toilets: Expected to be gross. Meets my expectation.
DENR delays: Only one conference room. Unorganized grouping to go inside. There should be a staff to accommodate the campers.
Poor coordination with local guides: Delayed pick up, delayed departure, super delayed meals (just speaking of the package we booked)
Food: Easily get cold and bland

Reminders for next time

  • Waterproof everything
  • Akiki Trail is a must try!
  • Hire a porter
  • Take a lot more photos
  • Need to buy: Bigger camping bag, waterproof gloves, waterproof socks
  • Buy bonnets and scarf near Benguet DENR. In Manila it costs P400, there it cost me P75.

There is no certainty; there is only adventure.

– Roberto Assagioli

Photo credits to Erwin Buce, Bianca Jamandron, Michael Masa, Mhikael Divinagracia, Joseph Poblete

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