Thank you air for blowing my kite
For helping me breathe all day and all night
Thank you water for healing my thirst
And cleaning my body when I’m smelling worst
Thank you food for keeping me strong
Now I can run, jump, and play all day long
Thank you shelter for keeping me dry
When it’s raining outside, without you I’ll cry

My 8-year old niece asked me to make a poem for her assignment about human needs. I asked her to give me a list of human needs that she can think of. She gave me air, water, shelter, and food. When I sent her the poem she said she’s already done. Her dad found a sample poem from Google. I said, she told me to make a poem not search for a sample. She said sorry. 😦


I’m the family photographer. Among the family, it’s the kids who I love taking photos of. Whenever I show baby photos of to my six-year old niece, she can’t believe how cute she was. She will tell me things she remember from the picture or video now that she can speak her thoughts well. She laughs at how silly and cute she was. Here’s a video of her (she’s the big girl on the photo).

A reward for this photo is guarateed and I am sure to claim it after some years. I don’t want them to grow fast, but I can’t wait to show this epic photo when these babies are old enough. It’s going to be a good laugh! 😀

crying and smiling baby

This is my response to The Daily Post’s Photo Challenge: Reward