Wanting to stay awake because reality is a lot sweeter than dreams.

Whe reality is better than dream, Dr Seuss


DIY Cat Scratcher

My housemates were about to throw a cardboard box, but I asked if I can have it instead. I don’t like spending. I also think if I can reuse something before throwing them away.

I flatten the cardboard box and my cat jumped over it and started scratching. I had a Eureka moment! I’ll made a cat scratcher out of it since I have no plans at all for the day and I’m bored.

Supplies needed: Old cardboard, scissors, utility knife / cutter, packaging tape

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Pancake Art

I saw Slappy Cakes featured on television and it really got my attention. It’s a brilliant concept for business. Customers to make their own pancake on their table. That would mean buying the pancake batter and toppings, then cooking it yourself as creative as you can get.

Pancake Art: Cockroach

Pancake Art: Cockroach (As creative as i can get)

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Trusting God

When things don’t happen the way we plan it, God must have a better plan.

Trust God

God is so good. Just when you feel there’s nothing left but faith, He will provide. Continue sharing His blessings and trust Him.

Have you ever been in a situation when you’re thankful because what you have or where you are is better than what you wanted?

Rare Crocodile

Crocodile Photobooth Palawan

I’m happy to pay for a photo than not be charged if I lose a finger.

I can name some rare animals that can be found in the Philippines. I didn’t know these freshwater crocs I saw last summer in Puerto Princesa, Palawan was one of them.

A  Philippine Crocodile doesn’t grow bigger than 10 ft, but saltwater crocs can grow bigger. Rio de Palawan is the biggest in the province at 17.5 ft, but Lolong is the biggest in the Philippines and even made it to the Guinness World Records at 20.24 ft in 2012.

— Maanne Lopez (@lopezmaanne) December 23, 2014


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