Jan 18th: Mt. Pulag Part 6 – Summit

Trek to Summit

Our tents were almost blown away at night. There was a typhoon, the wind was angry. I was lucky to be prepared and slept well. I was warm inside my sleeping bag and fleece blanket, while the others were wet and chilling.

In the morning we left for the summit while it was still dark. We wrapped our socks with plastic bags to keep it dry. I put on my waterproof pants. Inside my windbreaker jacket is five layers of clothes, three are thermal top. I can feel the wind blowing, but I was warm and dry.

Mt. Pulag has several peaks. We trekked on the first then the tour guide asked us if we wanted to proceed. There was no chance that we can see the Sea of Clouds, we were in the clouds. The wind is getting stronger, and it will get worse as we go higher. A lot of us couldn’t handle it anymore. We stayed a little longer, until the group finally decided to head back.


No star gazing, no Sea of Clouds, but what we encountered in the dark was quite an experience. Seeing the sunrise gave us hope the weather will improve. I didn’t have a photo on our way back. I left my bag to be carried. The forest kept us protected from the wind, but it was a lot more muddy than when we ascended. I was very thankful with the trekking pole given to me, without which I might have fallen several times in the mud.


Some of us who were not feeling well descended earlier. They were lucky to stay in a local house and rest by a bonfire. Eating and cleaning ourselves up are the best rewards after a camping. Everything tasted like it’s the most delicious meal in the planet. We were so hungry. Our guide had forgotten to give us the dinner included in the package that we availed. It was already late when they remembered us. I didn’t have dinner at all. We didn’t have breakfast because the group decided to eat when we reached the Ranger Station.

Remember the checklist to bring 3 sets of clothes? I didn’t use them. Well, I lend one set to friend feeling sick. But I was wearing the same clothes I was wearing when we started the trek. Only I started with 3 layers and ended with five. I changed after we had our brunch.

We had a heavy dinner when we reached Baguio. We ate in Good Taste Restaurant, it’s a six-storey building. All floors are part of the restaurant, nothing else. That’s how many people go and eat there. It was very fulfilling. I would’ve eaten a lot more if my tummy can handle.

Photo courtesy of Kath

Photo credits to Kathryn Llasos, Joseph Poblete, Mhikael Divinagracia

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