About Me

I created my first blog 5 years ago after I graduated from college. I wanted to make an online portfolio and get on with my writing career. I had posted my published articles and others that I wrote. I was so sure of my career path. But things didn’t happen as planned. I had been a proofreader, a designer, a trainer, and now, a team lead. I did have an opportunity to transfer to the copy writing team, but chose not to. Why? I enjoyed learning new things out of my comfort zone. Too much that there was a time when I was more confident doing it than writing. That scared me, which is why I started this blog. Loads of Something is about mere randomness, mainly to recover my writing rhythm. Sometimes, I join blog challenges to push myself, hoping to write good about something.

If you’re curious, here’s my old blog and a little more of how I started again. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts. I will gladly want to hear them.


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