Jan 16th: Mt. Pulag Part 4 – Baguio Outside Trekkers

Steph. Photo courtesy of MhikaelWe arrived in Bagiuo two hours earlier our estimated arrival. However, our jeepney transfer to Benguet did not arrive on time. We had coffee and the famous Baguio strawberry taho while waiting. We also changed to our thermal clothes.

Benguet Chicken. Photo courtesy of Querwin

We had our breakfast in Benguet. After 5 minutes, the food is as cold like it came from the fridge.

After breakfast, we’re off to Mt. Pulag. We didn’t miss the chance to experience riding on top of the jeepney. We had to bend to avoid the hanging water pipelines to hit our head.

Another thing I will advise to include in your checklist is to prepare to be patient. Before we start the trek, we are required to attend the orientation of DENR (Department of Environment and Natural Resources). We didn’t know what group we belonged to. Our guide handles Baguio Outside Trekkers, that who we are! Before we get inside for the briefing, we waited for our turn. We thought our tour guide will assist us and we thought we will be called because we had a reservation. Turned out that we need to go inside on our own. I heard an elder woman telling the staff that they should be organized. I agree. Don’t get me wrong, they are nice people, just not organized.

You will need more patience inside the conference room. Make sure to find a seat or wait longer outside. The speaker was clear with the reminders. Too clear after she said the same things again and again: Follow the existing trail. Stay within your group. Be prepared for the weather. Garbage In, Garbage Out.

All weekend camping at Mt. Pulag is fully booked until April 2015. It will be hard to reschedule. We pushed through even if there was a typhoon. We will experience the first typhoon of the year (Amang) at the top of the third highest mountain in the country (2,922 meters).

We watched the Prelude of Dreams. This is the view that you will get at the best weather at Mt. Pulag. Just in case it gets very cloudy, at least we get to see it in video.

After the briefing, our next stop was the Ranger Station. Again, patience is needed. It’s the start and end point of the trek, imagine how many campers were there!

Finally, after completing the group and all the other preparations, we’re off!

Photo credits to Kathryn Llasos, Joseph Poblete, Mhikael Divinagracia, Querwin Guron

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