P’s for Writers


Pen, Paper and Phone. These are the basics, keep them easy for grabbing. Never leave without any of these. Ideas may come the least we expect it and when it does, let it flow. Don’t wait for later, it may not be there anymore. Phone can alternatively be used, but I still prefer pen and paper. Ideas usually come to me when I’m travelling, stuck in traffic or walking. Here’s a lyrics that I wrote way back in college while I’m on a bus (it’s in mix English and Filipino). I wrote that real quick and when I got off the bus I record it.


Purpose, Passion and Persistence. Why are you writing? Passion, that’s number one. We write to express ourselves and share ideas. But writing about an assigned topic may be difficult especially if the topic is not of your interest or you don’t have any idea at all. And during such frustrating situations, persistence will keep you writing.


Perseverance, Practice and Patience. I joined the blog challenge to push me back to writing. I don’t have a theme. I just write whatever comes into my mind. I know I got rusty, and to keep on writing is the answer. I’m not immediately aiming to write something grand. I’m enjoying and taking things one blog at a time.

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