Open Letter to My Old Self

I remember this note that I saw last Valentine’s Day at the office restroom. At least at one point in our lives we feel unloved, so I’m writing this letter.

You are loved

Dear Old Me,

Do your tears roll down your cheeks without control? Are you out eating a whole pizza all by yourself? Are you shopping to forget? I know you feel that life has not been fair. You are right. It isn’t. I know that you are struggling to stay strong but inside you feel like dying. Do not be ashamed to cry. You have been hurt, that’s normal. Crying is not a sign of weakness. Just cry, until you have no tears left. It will ease the burden in your chest. Let it go.

Everything happens for a reason, keep that in mind. After this misery, it will be a better you, a stronger one. I don’t know how many times you will need to read this letter. But let this be a reminder if you happen to forget. And when you feel down, don’t lose yourself. Get on your feet. Spend time with friends and family. Do not be miserable. Work harder, focus on career. Stay beautiful, believe in yourself. Play sports, keep yourself fit.  Eat right, take care of your health. Stay strong. Love yourself.

Never lose hope. There’s a lot to be happy about in life. And when you find happiness, focus on it. There is no guarantee to forever, but cherish it for as long as you can. Always remember, you are loved and your value is priceless.

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