Quit Now

Have you considered quitting in your life? I did. It made a lot of difference. I think I learned to appreciate life better and be happier. Here’s a list that I made. I hope you consider quitting too.

  1. Quit saying yes. Think of what you’re trading for. Always extending work hours in the office is another quality time lost with family or sleeping. “No” is also an option.
  2. Quit pretending. Don’t try to be somebody you’re not, be yourself. Whether you’re gay; you’re living up to someone else’s expectation; or you admire someone and want to be like her, don’t do this yourself. Set yourself free.
    be yourself
  3. Quit living in the past. Whatever happened can’t be undone. If you missed a shot that would have made your team win, don’t blame yourself. Learn from it and move on. Don’t be a prisoner of the past.
    let go of the past
  4. Quit wasting time. Time flies. Don’t just let it pass by. Focus on more important things that will make the most of your life. Ask your parents or grandparents what they wished they’ve done when they were your age. Learn from the elders.
    wasting time
  5. Quit being miserable. Look at the brighter side of life. Be thankful with that you have. There are people with worse problems, people who don’t know when they’ll eat their next meal and where to sleep. So, did you lost internet connection? Did you fall in line for hours to ride a train? What’s your problem again?

  6. Quit saying later. Don’t delay. If you want to accomplish something, start now! Waiting for another day is nothing of help. Just how many times did you say you’d start your diet and exercise next week or next month?
    start now
  7. Quit fearing failure. Are you afraid of what may happen, what may not happen or both? If you want to be successful, prepare yourself to fail. The important thing is to trust good things happen, and to appreciate them when they do. If you don’t want to be a failure, the quit fearing it. When you fail, try again.
    famous failure
  8. Quit complaining, criticizing and preaching. If you don’t have anything good to say, better not talk at all. Also don’t speak like you know everything about anything. This applies to your posts in Facebook and Twitter too.
    no complaining
  9. Quit negative and over-thinking. Are you a person who can create a big argument over a small thing? Negative thinking attracts negative results. Worrying too much will only make the situation worse than it is. This, in most cases is applicable to women. I know. I am. Change the way you think and be more positive. Best way is plan for the worst but expect nothing. That way whatever happens will be a surprise, and probably a good one.
  10. Quit having high expectations. The more you expect, the more you’ll get disappointed. It prevents people from appreciating good things, or even realizing that good things happen even if it hits them between the eyes.

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4 thoughts on “Quit Now

  1. Some great thoughts om quitting. I was especially bad at putting off getting fitter until later. I always thought “I can do this any time i like. I’ll just be lazy for today” and when I did that tomorrow never came and I never actually got any fitter. I have had to quit that thinking in favor of doing everything today!


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