Pancake Art

I saw Slappy Cakes featured on television and it really got my attention. It’s a brilliant concept for business. Customers to make their own pancake on their table. That would mean buying the pancake batter and toppings, then cooking it yourself as creative as you can get.

Pancake Art: Cockroach

Pancake Art: Cockroach (As creative as i can get)

It was fun. I wanted to bring my niece there, knowing how much she love pancakes. There’s no Slappy Cakes near my hometown, but that isn’t a hinder. I can buy pancake mix from the grocery and use catsup and mustard bottles. Improvising and making use of the available resources is what I’m good at. I can’t make a masterpiece, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be creative. And guess what? I only bought the pancake mix 80% less than the amount I had to pay from the restaurant.

Pancake Art - Olaf

Wanting to show off. I made the left Olaf in Slappy Cake and the right Olaf at home. The one I made at home is a fail. Too much for bragging 😛

Here’s another pancake art we made:

Pancake Art

Ice cream ball

Most pancakes were eaten before I was able to take a photo. I watched over the Christmas Pancakes to make sure I can take a photo.

Pancake Art

Our Christmas Pancakes! Christmas trees, angels, toasted Olaf and “Merry Xmas”


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