DIY Cat Scratcher

My housemates were about to throw a cardboard box, but I asked if I can have it instead. I don’t like spending. I also think if I can reuse something before throwing them away.

I flatten the cardboard box and my cat jumped over it and started scratching. I had a Eureka moment! I’ll made a cat scratcher out of it since I have no plans at all for the day and I’m bored.

Supplies needed: Old cardboard, scissors, utility knife / cutter, packaging tape

Old cardboard box

Lay the flatten box

Cut the cardboard into strips with equal widths. I used the flap as the basis. Take a strip and wrap it around itself. Use packaging tape to secured the end of each strip.

DIY Cat Scratcher

Reminder: Always start your next strip where your previous strip ended, and keep the rolls tight.

Just keep on rolling until you used up all the cardboard or until you reached your desired size.

DIY Cat Scratcher

The end product can either be like these.

DIY Cat Scratcher


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