Starting from the end

I have something to tell you… This is my first entry for this blog, but this is not my first blog. I had one before where I posted my selected works in college. But as I stepped out of the four walls of the university, I sadly left writing in my locker. It has not been a quiet four years. I have heard my pen knocking and the sound of my notebook being flipped, both which I have dishearteningly ignored. *sigh* There I have confessed it, now I can start all over again.

So what urged me to start once more? I have read other blogs and ideas I can write about just come to me. I was worried that I had not composed an article for a long time and aside from being busy, I’m not confident if I still have what it takes to be able to do so. I have lots of things that I want to do. I’m into traveling, sports, manga reading, watching cartoons, movies and experimenting on DIY crafts. But what eats up most of my time so I’m not able to do them all is extended office hours, traffic and my demanding dog and three cats. Of the things I really want to do, the top three would be to create things, to take photos and to write. Next month I plan to start doing all together. I’ll make something, capture it and share it online. I’m just counting the days and the stagnant ink in my veins will slowly begin to flow again and my stiff fingers are off for a quick start.


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