Race the Clock

Here’s the title of your post:
“An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse.”
Set a timer for ten minutes, and write it. Go!

Hmmm… It was last week when I think I encountered an offer that couldn’t I refuse.

Have you experienced planning something really well, like everything you needed is on the list, but when you went out to get them it’s not available?

That’s what happened.

Ideally, the toy I wanted as my toy photography subject is Spiderman. I went to toy stores and can’t find a good one. I want a piece that I can bend the legs and arms, not just the waist and shoulders. There were lots of Spiderman toys there. I carefully checked which one I should buy. Sadly, couldn’t find one that fits my project. I saw the Adventure Time’s Jake and Finn battle sets on sale. They were sold for just a hundred pesos each. A set contains eight figures. So cheap! Considering they are from Adventure Time series, that means I can do any experiment shots with them. It’s adventure! Anything can happen. I have thought about and walked around the store and kept checking some other toys. Should I buy them or should I think about it more and come back the day after or never? I asked the lady at the store up to when the sale is. The lady told me they will be on sale until stock lasts. There aren’t many stocks left. That did it. I can no longer refuse. It’s very cheap and ideas on how I will take photos of them keeps coming to me. I grabbed both sets and went to the counter.

This month is my first try for toy photography. One adventure a day for February. Click here to checkout my Adventure Time photos.

In response to The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Race the Clock

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