Pain caused by my teacher

I wrote about it in my last year’s entry for the A to Z Challenge: Memories and Trauma

I got unintentionally hurt by my grade school teacher. I was never the same since. It was just another day and I was having my lunch. She casually asked my how I am performing in class. She particularly asked what rank I was. My sisters are academically popular. It goes by our surname to assume that everyone from the family is good at school. Before that incident, I never cared with my performance at school. I just play a lot like any other kid. I did not get her question, but she repeated and rephrased it. i couldn’t answer. I felt embarrassed.

I started studying hard since then. I almost got into the class top 10 on graduation. I continued studying hard and ranked as third on top of the class in high school. I took it positively as a challenge. But at the same time it gave me insecurities that I’m not good enough. I still have that until now but I’m trying to positively work on it. I try to better. I keep on wanting to improve. It has become a personal sense of fulfillment. I’m no longer thinking about that incident, but I will always remember it as my turning point.

Dear Teacher,

I had to feel the pain to open my eyes. I did not take it against you, but your action. I know it was unintentional and I never revealed who you are. Thank you for hurting me. I needed that.

In response to The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Teacher’s Pet

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