Jan 20th: Recovery

This morning I saw a group of visually impaired people who got off the jeepney. I immediately had an idea that they are working for  a small massage therapy clinic inside the mall. Amazed of what I saw, I took a photo of them.


These people should be an inspiration to everyone.
They did not let their disabilities be a hindrance to make a living.

I had a day of rest after our Mt. Pulag adventure, but I felt like my recovery wouldn’t be complete until I get a body massage. Instead of the usual Swedish, Shiatsu, and Thai massage, I was convinced to try the famous massage of the blind.

I observed the masseurs while waiting for my turn. I saw one using his phone, he can see with one eye. Some are wearing shades and some had their eyes closed. There were also some who got me confused, because they don’t look like they have a disability. I confirmed they have as they grope their way.

The bottles they used have different shapes and are placed in boxes. They are very specific and organized. The masseurs get their massage kits with no hassle. I don’t think I can do that.

Here I am getting a massage. My masseur asked me which part of my body is aching. I said, I just climbed the highest mountain in Luzon. She knew what to do.

As expected, her sense of touch is unparalleled. It’s the first time I felt that hard press. I tried to keep quiet and not tell her that it hurts. I thought she’s aiming for critical points in my body. I did ask her not to press too much when she used her elbow on my back. I couldn’t handle the pressure. Aside from that, it was bearable all throughout the 70-minute session.

I worried that I might have some bruise after. Glad I didn’t have any. I’ve tried a massage before that hurts too and ended my body aching instead of relieved. With my full body massage, it was a relief after. I did not enjoy it much, but the result was satisfying. I think I’m ready for another climb. 🙂


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