Audience of One: A Letter for You

Daily Prompt: Audience of One
Picture the one person in the world you really wish were reading your blog. Write her or him a letter.


Perhaps I misread the daily prompt. Perhaps I didn’t, but it registered differently to me. I stopped with “picture the one person in the world you really wish”. I thought the one person in the world I really wish to be with. 😛

I know you’re reading my blog. And even if I don’t post it here, I know you’re aware. But I still want to tell. In fact, I wish the world to know. I will always go back to that moment when I first met you. It was more than a dream come true, but it was left untold when you first left.

I was really thankful we had our second chance. All our memories remain vivid, except for that one moment when I had a hangover. I will never forget our sunset together by the beach. Since then, I wanted all my sunsets with you. We’ll sit on a bench with your head on my lap, or we’ll both lie on the grass. I wish we can do that every day, if only you’re just on the other side of the wall. We may be half the world away, but you make feel so happy and loved.

I keep a diary of us in my mind. I wish to think of us than write a redundant excerpt. My intro and closing will always be: “Every day I wake up wishing you’re the first one I see, and every night I sleep wishing I was in your arms.” You’re that one person in the world, and I’m thankful you found me. XX


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