Something New for January 5th: 52-Week Pyramid Money Challenge

How much money left do you have in your wallet after New Year? Are you one among those people struggling to survive until the next pay day? Is saving money part of your New Year Resolution, but it does not working every time? Why not try a money challenge?

You’ve probably seen Money Challenge articles and find it interesting. Although it is, let’s admit that the conventional and reversed can still be very tight for minimum-wage earners. I still find it difficult with my salary. After spending a lot on December, my wallet hasn’t recovered yet this January. Still, I’m determined to start saving again. I played with Excel and come up with my own version of Money Challenge, I call it the 52-Week Pyramid Money Challenge. I’m not aware if similar savings plan already exists, but I’ve thought of this myself.

My money jar. Started with my Week 1.

My money jar. Started with my Week 1.

Main Advantages:

It’s practical. Needless to say, December is the peak of expenses and come January, our pockets are all dried up. With my current salary, I’d be leaping for joy if I can save a thousand pesos!  With the gradual increase and decrease in the amount, it will be easier to save.

Watch your savings grow. The increment will be higher than the conventional or reverse money challenge to guarantee a good amount of savings. I included a chart in the template I made which you can download below. Sometimes numbers are too much to process, adding some visual will make it easier to monitor your progress.

Can I just do a monthly savings plan?

I’ve thought of that too but what we want to develop here is discipline and a habit of saving money. I will be keeping a money jar and deposit it monthly to a savings account. Why not weekly? It’s not practical to go to the bank to deposit P60. Simple as that. With bigger amount on the 10th week or so, I will do a weekly deposit.

Here are some sample computations. I have attached the excel template I made below for you to explore. Just edit the amount of increment you can commit to and the formulas will give you the computations. See how far your 10 pesos can grow! Think how much more you can save with higher increment.

  • Increment: 10
    Highest Amount: 260
    Year-End Savings: 7,020
  • Increment: 20
    Highest Amount: 520
    Year-End Savings: 14,040
  • Increment: 30
    Highest Amount: 780
    Year-End Savings: 21,060
  • Increment: 40
    Highest Amount: 1040
    Year-End Savings: 28,080
  • Increment: 50
    Highest Amount: 1300
    Year-End Savings: 35,100
  • Increment: 60
    Highest Amount: 1560
    Year-End Savings: 42,120
Increment 60. Going easy with saving.

Increment 60. Going easy with saving.

Excel Template Available!

Click here to download the Excel Template. I’ve added charts so you can watch your savings grow! I also have a bonus (the conventional and reversed tabs are available) to help you decide which savings plan would suit you.

What do you think? Are you ready for the
52-Week Pyramid Money Challenge?

Comment “Challenge Accepted” if you are!


52-Week Pyramid Money Challenge. The peak will be on mid-year (26th and 27th week).


Conventional Money Challenge. Read: 52 Weeks Money Challenge 2015




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