Jan 3rd: New Pancake Art

Kids these days are either too busy watching television or playing with computer or cellphone — too busy to eat. How can you convince them to eat without them knowing it?

My six year-old niece loves pancake. I previously told her that there’s a restaurant where we can draw using pancakes and cook them. We have tried it and she did enjoy, but there was no chocolate flavor available then. This time I got 2 flavors for us to play with. She said it’s too cute and can’t resist to take a bite. She ate loads! 😀


Looks more like Olaf than my previous try at home. Success!


Can you guess what this is? My sister, Erika’s pancake art.


Oh no! No Buttermilk flavor left for Garfield. I managed to spread and make it thick with chocolate flavor. Glad it looks much better when flipped. (Liza’s pancake art)


My sister’s dream car in pancake drawing. Grace’s first pancake art.


Here’s another pancake art from me. I call it a monkey cat. I think it looks like a monkey with cat whiskers and cat ears.


One thought on “Jan 3rd: New Pancake Art

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