Three Sixty Five 2015

There are things we want to accomplish. But before we even start doing so… I just said it, there’s always a BUT.

2015. New Year. New Year’s Resolution: No Rice Diet. Gym. These are on top of the list of most people I know every year. These aren’t practical.

No rice? Filipinos love rice, don’t let yourself suffer. It’s also not practical as alternative meals to rice are much more expensive. My answer, watch your diet. You don’t get fat or fatter in a night. I say think about it this way: Monitor your diet. What are you eating? What food makes you fat? Is it in the food or you’re just lazy?

Gym? Before paying monthly gym bills, make sure you can really go to the gym or better yet just donate your cash to charity organizations. Gym is expensive. The road is free! Invest on a good running shoes and hit the road. I live in a neighborhood where I can’t run. Just a few steps from my place and stray dogs will be running after me. Maybe not a good idea. Bonifacio Global City is a perfect place for running. I can commit to running at least once a week. Or, what do is I play Zumba online or on DVD and dance at home. If you work in an office where you sit 95% of your day, then Zumba is the answer. I do it back to back with Hip Hop Abs. If you can’t keep up with the Zumba dance steps like me, make your own moves. What matters is you keep on moving, keep targeting that belly, and keep sweating.

I am really not here to talk mainly about fitness. I hope I had made my point in my long introduction. Here’s what I’m trying to say for your New Year Goal whatever it may be:

1. Take it seriously. But not too serious. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Enjoy! Own the project! Personalize it to your interest. My friend did Daily Faces for 2014, I don’t think I’m up for that. Mine would be different. I will accomplish my Three Sixty Five Project with monthly themes. New challenges every month. I haven’t thought of themes all-year round but my January theme would be “Something New” since it’s the start of a new year. I’ll take photos and blog about it.

2. Don’t hesitate. You know someone who have accomplished a similar project and he had completed it, BUT can you do it?  I have one solution for this. Take the first step. Take one step at a time. You don’t need to leap to something you know you can’t commit to. I’ve always wanted to go back to writing, but I thought I didn’t have time. One day I saw a blogging challenge and on the same day I signed up and started writing. It was the A to Z Challenge and I managed to complete it.

3. You make your own rules. Don’t give in to BUT. Make it happen. I can take photos and write something everyday, but it’s not everyday that I got the luxury of time to post it.  That’s what I did with the Blog Boost Challenge. You know yourself well and you know up to what extent you can push yourself. Sometimes I travel for a few days and won’t have access to my laptop or the Internet. I will have backlogs, but that doesn’t mean I can’t post it anymore.

4. Accomplish for yourself. We already have our boss at work and professors at school, don’t allow anyone to dictate what you should do. Others may not be interested with your posts when you share it, others may find it annoying to see you in their daily news feed, others may like it too. It doesn’t matter what others think. If they like it, thank them for the appreciation. In the end, no one can measure your success but you.

Thank you @iamchristofer. I am one of your audience who got inspired. I can’t embed your posts so I took screenshots. I know you so well my friend, I took screenshots from your wall that posting late isn’t cheating. Danke 😛


I met this guy, trained this guy, and he isn’t great. He didn’t start great. Passion is behind his great photos. I never met anyone this attached to cameras and not fond of taking selfies. You’re a must-invite in out of town trips and events!

I saw your post last week and it got my attention. It’s a good idea, but a heavy project to commit to. Me and Bren talked and shared the same thoughts and hesitations. While I’m on my way back from holiday I just told myself that I’ve got to do this. My chosen theme for the month just came. It happened in a snap. My instinct never fail me. It felt good and that does it, I’m on!

I have translated your posts. Hoping @brendanmeachen will do it too.


TRANSLATION: You can’t take photos in advance. The point of threesixtyfive project is to take photos everyday.


TRANSLATION: I was able to take a photo earlier. I just can’t upload because I’m in Bulacan (northern province).


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