Jan 2nd: New Route

Take a different route today.

It’s Friday and it’s a work day for me even if I was sleepless from New Year’s celebration. The event ended late I wasn’t able to go back my flat in the evening. Since I have been relocated to Bonifacio Global City, for nearly a year now, I haven’t tried traveling to work from our house in Las Piñas. I know there’s a terminal in Ayala, but never have I tried that route. Today is the day!


There’s two route. I asked which one has a bus stop near the 30th street. Easy! It’s the Upper West Route. Good timing, the bus came. I noticed something, people are tapping cards as they enter the bus. I asked the operator if I needed that. And I do. There’s a ticketing booth just like in MRT station. Cool!

Good thing it’s a holiday and there’s no heavy traffic in EDSA. It took about 15 minutes before the next bus arrived. I stepped in the bus, tapped where the label says so. The machine did talk. I was so amazed to understand what it said. To continue my amazement, I sat by the bus entrance watching passengers enter and tap their cards. It’s an awesome bus! It responds differently depending on the cards tapped. It will remind you if the stored value is almost out of balance. It only accepts one card at a time. It can identify if the card is expired. And it will remind you to drop the card for single journey. Wait. Drop the card? Let me check that again. A single journey card and stored value card has different color. Those who have single journey cards drop it, I didn’t. I quickly headed back the entrance to drop my card. First timer! It’s a funny experience. 🙂


I saw some familiar faces. Brilliant! I won’t be lost. I didn’t let them know it was my first time. The streets and avenues are numeric, I am confident I won’t get lost and I got loads of time to find my way if I do. The bus stop was a few block from behind the office building. I know that place. I jog there. But it’s the first time I took the bus. It felt different. Taking a different route gave an unfamiliar feeling, something new.


I think I’ll continue doing this if I have enough time to explore and walk. I’ll take a longer route, by walking around Global City.


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