DIY Cat Travel Box

Imagine. Make it happen. Resourcefulness is being creative to make use of available resources to meet your needs.

This is for cat owners who don’t want to spend much like me, especially when re-homing cats. My three kittens found their new homes before this Christmas. I love them dearly and so I wanted to let their new family get that message. Making their cardboard box look like a gift by putting a personal touch will relay that message.

Previously, I made them a play area out of old cardboards. But they are bigger now and once they are re-homed, no one will play anymore. I decided to use them for this DIY project.


Presenting the scraps! I had to transform the cardboards, I previously chipped, into a box again. Depends on the available materials how you’ll make it. There’s no really Step 123.


First box complete! Smaller cage for one kitten.


How I made it:

1. I have this square box that’s too large for one kitten and it doesn’t have the top cover anymore.

2. I cut it into half.

3. Put one on top of the other, making it a smaller box. Just a little bigger than a shoebox.

4. Here’s a piece of cardboard. I folded it. This will be the top cover of the box.

5. Since I put the boxes on top of the other, I inserted the folded area in between the slit and used a clear tape to secure it. If you notice I already wrapped the lower half of the box before attaching the roof. It’s easier to wrap that way.

6. Here’s how it looks like. From here, all I need to do is to add the flaps on the sides as windows, wrap in colored paper and decorate. I forgot to take a photo I got carried away and enjoyed to much doing it. The handle was made out of folded paper wrapped in clear tape so it won’t tear apart. I cut small holes at the top of the box made it like a belt.


Here's a bigger box for two kittens. I secured the boxes with red ribbons so they won't jump out the windows.

Here’s a bigger box for two kittens. I secured the boxes with red ribbons so they won’t jump out the windows.


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