5 Things You Should Consider Before Buying Clothes This Holiday

Make sure to wear a non-stretch jeans at least once a week. Leggings, skirts and dresses will make your body so comfortable you won’t notice you’re expanding. Food is one of the highlights this holiday, gaining weight shouldn’t be a surprise. It’s the season of eating non-everyday meals, enjoy it! I really don’t mind much as long as my clothes still fit. It’s 5 days before Christmas and I can feel my tight jeans which brought me these thoughts.

Holiday Sale

SALE EVERYWHERE!!! Pre-Christmas Sale, Christmas Sale, Boxing Day Sale, Year-End Sale


1. You’ll never wear it again. You look great in that santa costume, when can you wear that again?

Christmas Costume

2. After the year-end sale, there will be a new fashion trend by first quarter.

Mean Girls Halloween Costume

3. There’s a great chance that you’ll walk across someone wearing the same clothes.

Family Guy - Awkward same clothes

4. You’re fatter than you are months ago. If you buy clothes, it’s either it won’t fit well after a couple of months or you’ll maintain that holiday body all throughout next year.

Well fitted brown pants

October 2014

Too tight brown pants

January 2015

5. Why buy when someone can buy it for you? Add that outfit you want on your Christmas Wishlist. Be detailed with the size, color, what brand and what mall you saw it for the convenience of your secret santa.

Secret Santa Fail


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