I was clobbered at my best that afternoon. Set to meet not the President nor the CEO, but a character of infatuation ripped in flesh from my screen which I pictured as a po-faced swot in tux.

I circled hoping to get a glimpse, but your head was down to your notes. Either you’re absorbed by a lot in your plate or just a proof that I’m not worth a glance. I pulled back in blue.

I heard footsteps getting closer. Too overwhelmed to pay attention when we we’re introduced. I smiled and stared, goosed for a hand shake.


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7 thoughts on “You

  1. Hey Maanne

    Can I say, “AWWWWW?” hehe

    Honestly, I didn’t know who this was, but my husband says it is a cartoon character called Dilbert (by Scott Adams)

    Well, I am ‘goosed’ to have stumbled upon your super-cute post 😉 Thanks for introducing me to someone new *grinning*

    Love and BEST wishes


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