What on earth am I here for?

This April I joined two blog challenges to push me back to writing. It’s been a struggle for me to find time and keep up with the posts. I can’t say I’m proud with everything I’ve written, but that’s not my purpose. Not yet. Of course I want to come up with something worth reading. And it will happen in time. I’m down with my last two posts for the month and determined to continue writing next month. Daily has been a challenge for me, but since I’ll be on my own next month I wouldn’t want to settle with my comfort zone and post when I have the time. I was able to post daily this April, if not post two the next day if I skipped. I want to keep pushing myself until I get comfortable with the daily.

What’s my plan for May? I’m thinking of hitting two birds with one stone, maybe three or four if I get lucky. I remember wondering what I can write about next month but not how I end up grabbing my mom’s book. Or maybe the book called me to grab it.

The Purpose Driven Life

Mom, I took your book

How do I hit the birds with one stone? I’ll use The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. It offers 40-day journey towards discovering God’s plan for us. I get my daily topics which will overlap June and understand my purpose. The third would be, my writing hopefully will inspire others to start their journey and begin to live life as God created them for. Fourth would be capturing photos or featuring a photo for the daily devotion.

What’s your plan next month?

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2 thoughts on “What on earth am I here for?

  1. I had a roadblock with writing recently, as well. I really had to take a step back and remember what and who I’m writing for. God definitely gives us each a purpose, and it’s up to us to really dig into ourselves and find it. Many blessings on your journey!


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