Xmas and New Year Traditions

My favorite holiday is the Christmas season. Although my family celebrates it a little delayed. The twenty-fifth is the time to celebrate with individual families and come New Year, it’s when we have our reunion and celebrate altogether.

I’ve always believed that having a big family makes the holiday happier. Here’s what I love about most with how we celebrate at home:

Food. It’s not everyday that we get to eat this much and this tasty dishes. Food is definitely what I look forward to!

Holiday dishes

Quiz Night. Everyone in the family is so competitive. We were grouped per location. I have to warn you that the video is loud. Sorry for the screaming, the game gets intense!

Uryaga. I’m not really aware of the background for this tradition, but it’s said the money you get will give you luck. I don’t spend the coins I get from holiday. I give it away to kids singing carols when the next holiday is near. No one got badly injured from the video, but as you see kids and adults ramble like a pellet is thrown into a koi pond.

Family Themes. We have color-coded themes on Christmas and New Year. For the recent, red was the chosen colour.


Cosplay. The color-coded attire is not the main theme during our holidays. Our main theme happens on New Year. This year it was Cosplay, previously we had International and Year of the Bunny.

Family Cosplay: Granny Wolf, Superman, Freeza, Red Riding Hood

Family Cosplay: Granny Wolf, Superman, Freeza, Red Riding Hood

Gifts. I wrapped about seventy gifts for Christmas and that’s just me. Multiply that by eight kids, my mum, aunts and cousins. We really have a mountain of gifts which I hardly organized to clear at least a walkway.

Christmas Gifts

Photo booth. Maybe my family is a photo freak and it’s a good thing that I love taking photos. For every family occasion we hire a photo booth service. This holiday, I was the one who setup the white blanket and just edited with online free photo booth tool.

My Freeza costume. Hand sewn by me.

My Freeza costume. Hand sewn by me.

Selfie. Everyone’s into selfies so I took one myself and posted it. This is the only selfie I posted, I think, or I’m just reasoning if that would excuse me for being vain. I posted a Christmas selfie and my sisters posted theirs, a start of another tradition I guess.

Bored and pretty while waiting for my sis... Christmas selfie. Seasons greetings!

Bored and pretty while waiting for my sis… Christmas selfie. Seasons greetings!

How do you celebrate holidays with your family?

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