Just in time. The sunset, the sand, the sound of the wave crashing on the beach is magical. We kept on walking as the sun sinks slowly into the sea. We stopped on a nice spot and sat. Do you feel it too? Your presence and everything around is overwhelming. No words were spoken. The tips of our fingers did not even touch.

What is running in your mind? By evening we leave back to the real world. I don’t want to think about it. I’ll cherish this moment. I hope this sunset lasts.

Pagudpud Sunset

A man was standing on a bamboo raft, slowly paddling. His silhouette passes against the burning sphere continuously descending to the deep. By the time he reached the shore, it was dark. I felt like Cinderella.

The area is a bit remote. We were warned. The last trip is at seven. Then was the park, quiet, no signs of a ride soon to be stopping by. I was worried we’d miss the trip. Deep inside, I won’t mind getting stranded for another night. It means I get to live my dream longer.

Last night, I collapsed and you stayed up to watch over me. Tonight we’re stranded, again because of me. What’s in your mind? Behind those chuckles you must be thinking that I am a failure. Do I care? This is my dream after all. With our fingers interlocked, I’m making the most out of it.

This is it, last ticket to the world. And we boarded. What are you thinking? What now when I wake up? My sandglass is almost hollow and I got a lump in my throat. Is this how the sun felt as it slowly sank into the sea? I got eight hours left and this warm gentle hand holding mine convinced me not to worry and peacefully drift to slumber.

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