Reactions on Cam

Don’t you wish you can capture priceless reactions when they happen? Watch these hilarious reactions caught on cam:

Daddy’s girl wants wine. Wearing her gown and accessories, Kendra is trying to convince her dad that a big girl like her is ready for a glass of wine.

Falling from an elevator. What would you do if you fall? Here’s how you might look like!

Ripping paper and baby. What’s the last thing that made you laugh? Witness pure joy ripped off from this baby.

Grandma meets rollercoaster. Heart attack? You mean destiny.

Man having labor. Women said the worst kind of pain is labor. Men aren’t convinced. Let’s see!

Cats, Dogs and Mirrors. Can’t help but adore these innocent creatures!

No one but this nun. Who would have thought? She’s the last thing you expect, but not in Italy.

Fuck the poor. Next time you walk on the streets, be on the lookout and fuck the poor.

Scary maze game. Classic game for all ages. Think about it before trying at home.

Host can’t take it. True. It happens. Somebody get a glass of water.

How did you react to the videos? Hope you’re grinning 😀

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2 thoughts on “Reactions on Cam

  1. I see a lot of these videos around, many of the ones in this post, and while a lot of people moan about them, personally I can see the value of bringing a quick smile to the face – I enjoy them!
    cheers, Gordon


  2. Nothing is better than having a good laugh–unless you do it someone else’s expense. I’ve seen a couple of these videos before and loved them. I never tire of watching cat’s react to things we take for granted.


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