Name Change

Are you happy with the name given to you? Would you consider changing it? What would you rather want to be called?

Name Change

My mom told me that my name should be Margarette Anne. Maanne was supposed to be my nickname. What happened? I forgot. I’d have to ask my mom to explain right here J

Actually, my name was not Maanne before. I had trouble with my birth certificate and had it updated when I was in elementary. The dates for when I was born and when my parents signed are different (1988, 1989, 1990). Someone must be drunk then! She had it updated. And my name, which was just Maane with a single ‘N’, was changed to Maanne. She had the chance to change it, but just added one letter. I don’t have any issues with my name right now. But I remember that I was writing Margarette Anne on my quiz sheet in elementary after my mom told me that story. It’s just boring that I’m done with mine while most of my classmates are asking for extra time before our teacher reads the first question for the quiz.

Now I’m thinking if Margarette Anne would suit me. It sounds like a name for a very fine lady. I think I like something that sounds much braver, but haven’t thought of it.

Here are interesting posts I’ve read from people who had their name changed:

Serious Name Troubles
What if the name you got used to wasn’t your registered name? Or you didn’t have a first name in the registry? Or your gender was your literally typed as your name (Baby Boy, Baby Girl, Bot, Girl, Baby)? Sounds petty, but any of these can be a real serious problem.

Know a more serious problem? A guy got into jail more than five times for having the same name to a law breaker. Now he can’t leave the country to get a job abroad because all of the police records of that person. How unlucky can that be?

Here’s how to correct your registered name if you’re from the Philippines.

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