Life Accomplishments

Instead of listing things that I want to do, here’s what I’ve done. More fun to look at life that way! Here’s 50 on my Reverse Bucket List.

  1. Get surrounded by hungry deer in Camsur Deer Farm

    Deer Feeding at Camarines Sur Deer Farm, Bicol, Philippines

    Oh deer! Always hungry!

  2. Touch a dog’s head taller than me. When I was in elementary, my sister’s boyfriend has a Great Dane. Scared but wanted to boast so I did touch it.
  3. Graduate in college – degree in Mass Communications double major in Broadcasting and Print Media
  4. Attend a seminar with Howie Severino and Maria Ressa – dream of every Journalism students in the Philippines
  5. Go snorkelling – First: Anawangin Cove, Zambales
  6. Stand on a vanishing island in Panglao, Bohol, Philippines

    Standing on a vanishing island in Panglao, Bohol, Philippines

    Chance for a photo while it’s low tide.

  7. Swim with fish and world-class coral reef in Honda Bay, Palawan
  8. Build a house. Volunteered to Gawad Kalinga’s housing projects
  9. Save the forest. Joined a tree planting activities
  10. Give cat a bath. I had five cats, glad I didn’t get any scratch while giving them a bath.
  11. Go overnight camping at Pico de Loro. First time to go hiking and sleep on a tent.

    Mt. Pico De Loro "Parrot's Beak", Philippines

    Standing on the camp site, looking at the the second peak of Pico De Loro

  12. Eat exotic food – ostrich, crocodile, wild boar, balut, one day old chick, cricket, frog, internal organs of chicken, snail
  13. See a giant water falls – 250 ft Katibawasan Falls in Camiguin Island
  14. See an animal in the wild. Saw a sleeping python while water rafting in Cagayan River.
  15. Dived 8ft deep without any gears. We love playing find the coin under the pool and we tried that too at the deepest part of the pool.
  16. Sand boarding adventure and 4×4 ride at Paoay Sand Dunes, Ilocos Norte

    Sandboarding Adventure at Paoay, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

    Woops! Not as bad as it looks like. I love sandboarding!

  17. Get my writing published. Or else I’ll fail the class, It’s one of the requirement. I did had a published news article in a national newspaper during college.
  18. Camp on a beach. Slept on a bench with a blanket and didn’t felt cold. Thanks to rice winem first time to try then.
  19. Be an inspiration. I got bribed when I was a student but donated it to Red Cross. I was invited to share that experience in class even I’ve already graduated.
  20. Pass the Professional Civil Service exam. An accomplishment for me since I always fall asleep on exams. I need to finish exams quick, if not I’d fall asleep. I’ve slept on my high school and college exams.
  21. Get a marathon finisher medal – Joined marathon alone for my first medal – Run for a Lighthouse, organized by Philippine Coast Guard

    Running on a marathon

    Running with a stranger. Smiling for a photo.

  22. Save a life. Volunteered to repack goods for Typhoon Yolanda victims and somehow ease their life. Not my first, but this one is really tough. Had a few dying dogs and gave them first aid, glad they recovered.
  23. Tell a crush I like him. Takes a lot of courage you know!
  24. Skip a class. I won’t say who’s class was it and when. Promise I did that only once to watch a gig. And whatever I missed, I make sure I would fail an exam. Still, it’s not an excuse to a mischief.
  25. Water rafting at the Philippines’ longest river – Cagayan De Oro River, Mindanao (White Water Rafting – four hours!)

    White Water Rafting at Cagayan De Oro River, Philippines

    White Water Rafting at Cagayan De Oro River, Philippines

  26. Make a stranger happy. I was alone eating in a resto when a kid knocked on the glass window. Asked her to join me. Saw an old lady sleeping on a street, left my cup of noodles beside her.
  27. Sleep on a train while standing. If you ride MRT in the Philippines every day, you’ll develop that skill
  28. Be a Church lector. When I was a kid I wanted to read on the Church too, and I did. I danced to praise God as well.
  29. Play the role of Mama Mary. Glad to have an innocent face.
  30. Get an abs. Used to have, they’re hiding somewhere now.
  31. Ride a kayak – First kayak: Subic Bay. First kayak alone: Rio Grande de Cagayan

    Kayak at Rio Grande De Cagayan, Philppines

    Kayak at Rio Grande De Cagayan, Philppines

  32. Be a varsity. I was a basketball varsity. Never had a chance to compete, but I was one, technically.
  33. Be a cheer dancer. Joined once in high school and thrice in college. Won championship twice. I was a flyer!
  34. Ride a banana boat at Taal Lake in Tanauan, Batangas
  35. Be a teacher. Handled a preschool class in high school. Now I’m a trainer in a company.
  36. Carry a crocodile – Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center (Crocodile Farm)

    Carrying a baby crocodile at Palawan Crocodile Farm

    Warning: If baby crocodile bite off your finger, you’ll get the photo for free.

  37. Travel by land, air and water in a day – Plane from Manila to Misamis Oriental, Land transfer to Balingoan Port, then ferry to Benoni Port, Camiguin
  38. Ride a horse on a mountain – Tried horseback riding before, but first time to ride an hour long at foot of Mt. Kitanglad in Dahilayan, Bukidnon
  39. Celebrate my birthday with family and friends. Had a pool party for my 18th birthday in Laguna.
  40. Watch fireworks on a cruise at Manila Bay dinner cruise
  41. Do a prank. Ordered a coffee in Starbucks using a different name and in British accent

    Starbucks Coffee

    Said my name was Kayleigh in British accent, got Kelly

  42. Play an instrument in front of a large audience. Played an organ in front of the family. So nervous, couldn’t see the notes.
  43. Be a part of history. Was there at former President Corazon Aquino’s wake at Manila Cathedral
  44. See a concert. First concert: Parokya ni Edgar, watched it alone because I want to.
  45. Go inside a 23 ft python’s cage – Prony, Philippines largest python in captivity in Baclayon, Bohol
  46. Travel around the country. Luzon: Anawangin and Subic in Zambales, Camarines Sur in Bicol, Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur, Puerto Galera, Borawan in Pagbilao Quezon, Batangas, Tagaytay, Cavite, Laguna, Pampanga; Visayas: Bohol, Boracay; Mindanao: Cagayan De Oro, Bukidnon, Camiguin

    Sunset at Boracay, Philippines

    Sunset at Boracay, Philippines

  47. Chase dolphins. The tour said dolphin watching, but we ended up chasing them because they swim too fast! Lots of them along Bohol Sea along Balicasag Island
  48. Visit the world’s longest underground river and one of the new Seven Wonders of Nature: Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park
  49. Firefly river cruise. I haven’t seen as many fireflies and mangroves before. That night Iwahig River, Puerto Princesa is magical! Few fireflies went near out heads. Also witnessed actual bioluminescence when planktons glow in neon color.
  50. Go Cosplay. Just a family cosplay. Created my own costume as Dragon Ball’s Freeza

    Freeza Cosplay

    Sewed my own costume from old clothes.

What do you prefer a bucket list or a reverse bucket list? Do you have your own already? Try it it’s fun!

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12 thoughts on “Life Accomplishments

  1. What an awesome reverse bucket list! When I read the number 50 I was a bit intimidated, but I found myself chuckling and nodding along at a couple!


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