Power of Prayer

Manny’s mother casting a spell?

Mommy Dionesia, Manny’s mother, captured on video praying for her son while he’s fighting on the ring. For a while, that moment stole the spotlight from the fight. Some reacted that she was spell casting. Well, a prayer is stronger than any spells.

In all his fight, Manny kneels and pray as he step into the ring. He’s truly a man of faith. He might have lost the eye of the tiger as Bradley told him, but I’d like to believe the Pacman gained more since he became closer to God. He has nothing to prove after winning world championship in eight divisions. Many wants the Champ to retire, but he said it’s not yet over. Manny, on the ring, is not only making a mark in the world of boxing, nor putting Philippines on top of the world. During his fight, Philippines has zero crime rate, that he has saved a lot of potential victims and prevented potential criminals. Manny is called the People’s Champ and the Philippines’ Pride. He shares his blessings with the needy and serves his fellow countrymen. He had been an inspiration and hope to a lot of people.

Face-off on HBO. Manny Pacquiao remained humble in front of Timothy Bradley.

Manny Pacquiao Documentary. Created by Leon Gast, Oscar winner for “When We Were Kings” which is a story about Mohammad Ali

HBO Boxing: Ring Life – Manny Pacquiao

More Things you should know about Manny Pacquiao:

 BONUS:  Manny Pacquiao’s mom singing Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball on a Philippine TV Show guesting

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