Who is He to you? What have you done for Him?

Lenten is the season to prepare ourselves to celebrate the death and Resurrection of our King, Jesus Christ. There are a lot of traditions worldwide how this is done. In the Philippines, we have “Pabasa” (to read) which is done be singing the Passion of Christ. It’s a book of narrative poem about His life from birth until Resurrection. It takes more than a day of non-stop singing.

We also have a parade role playing of Via Crusis (Stations of the Cross) on the streets and in some province it’s taken to another level. The re-enactment is real, with blood and actual crucifixion.

Last month, I was in Camiguin Island and trekked the Stations of the Cross up the Old Volcano for about an hour. Not everyone follows these traditions, some commemorate the Lenten season by reflecting on oneself, asking questions: Who is He to you? What have you done for Him?

Here are more questions to ask yourself during Lent:

  • Am I sharing with others, especially poor people and strangers?
  • How do I respond to those who irritate me? Do I show them God’s grace?
  • Am I gracious towards my family, or do I tend to “take it out” on them?
  • Can I rearrange my long-term personal budget in order to give away more?
  • In my personal spirituality, am I learning to listen, rather than speak; give thanks rather than complain?

More good readings to reflect this season:

Do you celebrate Lenten Season too? How?

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3 thoughts on “King

  1. Awesome post! Easter is such an amazing way to expect renewal and rejoice in Jesus. I definitely will be thinking about these thoughts. Thanks for reminding us to be kind 🙂


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