An excerpt

I knew this would come. He is asking me. Right now. What should I do? I’m not prepared for this.

Woke up at four in the afternoon, more than half the day had passed. Is there anything I can do? No. There’s nothing. Just gave in to a lazy day. Got up and did not even bother to wash my face. Picked the pillows from the floor and left the bed undone. Walked straight to the table and lifted the cover. Got Kare-Kare (Filipino style stewed ox) and Kuhol sa gata (Snails in coconut cream sauce). After an exhausting day yesterday I was just so hungry. Ate a lot, enough for the whole day in one meal.

I probably got a message from him. As I thought, I have. Which I read almost five hours after he sent it. Normal couples I know would have launched war if they did not get any response in five hours. There would be countless messages and missed calls. But he’s not like that. We’re not like that. He knows that if I read it I would jump off and reply. And even in my sleep, I would reply even if it’s nonsense. Usually he’d tell me to close my eyes. And aside from me being a heavy sleeper on weekends, I was so exhausted and happy after yesterday. He’s a genius. He’ll get that idea.

He knew he’s the last one I saw before I collapsed in bed, yet so thoughtful of him to ask me how my day went. He was wearing a character shirt and got a sweet smile on his face with those sparkling eyes staring at me. It’s lethal. My body would instantly freeze while melting me inside, I’d die in an instant without him even touching me. And yet I’d choose to die every time.

Today was a lazy day for me. Didn’t bother to comb my hair after shower. I used a peel off mask earlier and I still got white residues on my face. Beep. He goes: “Can I see my dream woman?” I knew this would come. He is asking me. Right now. What should I do? I’m not prepared for this. Sent. I thought he’d laugh, but instead he said these words: “There’s my dream woman in all her beauty.” And I died.

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