I am a writer. Someday I want to publish my own book. Someday I want to write a story for big screen. I am a writer. I write. But here’s something that happened before it was written.

Twelfth hour. Office hall seemed like a school hall and professionals seemed like students. Screaming, running and laughing at the end of shift. Everyone rejoicing TGIF. The noise faded out in fifteen minutes. In silence I heard footsteps slowly getting closer. Then it stopped. Darkness covered the floor, except for my area. I stood and peeked from with window of 27th floor, it’s still dark.

Sunrise knocked on the fourteenth hour. Time to go. I reached south in less than two hours. Faster than the usual travel time. Home-cooked food greeted me for breakfast. Eight in the morning, early for my passport appointment, is it? Double checked my requirements. Crap! I must have left my card holder when I changed my bag. I screamed. I panicked. Called myself stupid repeatedly as I walk in circles. I hurriedly left. Rushed to the bus and hired a cab.

Thirty-five degrees and straight from a fourteen-hour shift, I felt that my body is slowly giving in to the heat. Tried to remain conscious, I hardly did. Arrived at my flat in two hours, grabbed my cards then went off. I opened the holder and found three cards, all expired. We’re about to drive off the village, I need to think fast. Where could my valid IDs be? Is it in the office? That can’t be. Dialled my mum, can’t be reached. Dialled my sister, not picking up. Send my brother a message, I don’t have his number. Crap! What to do?! I need to think fast. Texted them hoping they read it. “Ask mum to check the camera bag if I have my ID there. Text back asap.”

At this point there’s nothing I can do. Unzipped my bag and removed everything hoping to find something. Found my company and voter’s card, but these are just secondary documents. Everything I have is just supporting documents. Feeling hopeless. I grabbed my makeup kit and retouched. Beep. I got a message from mum, it’s there. I felt ten times an idiot. There’s no need to travel back my flat if only I had thought of checking that bag. So I wasted 5 hours travelling, let alone spent almost a thousand bucks and exhausted myself.

Thirty-five degrees or make it thirty-seven, I’ve been up for more than a day. I am dead tired. Thinking of rescheduling my appointment but that would only mean wasting all my effort. Washed my face to freshen up. For the last time this day, I left. I fell asleep while waiting for my turn. My head keeps dropping to gravity. At last my turn. The actual processing took less than half an hour. Renewal complete and confirmed, new passport will be delivered within the month. Birthday mission accomplished. Not entirely an epic fail, but still today was epic.

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