Dear Diary,

I was staring back at his bewitching eyes until it got dark. I couldn’t see a thing. I felt cold. I rolled and extended my arms and emptiness is all there is. My eyes remained closed as I kept on groping. There it is. I grabbed my phone and half opened my right eye. There he was smiling at me. It lasted for a few minutes. I dropped it at my chest. Then I curled. Then I rolled. Wish I got his in between so I won’t be able to clench my fist. Then it got dark again. I tipped-off with sunshine burning my cheeks and stinging my sight. It was when I tried to move that I caught on my drained energy. I would have crawled up a warm limb but there’s nothing to grab on…

A song, a cake and a candle, for a while it made me forget. Loud noise, music, crowd, buffet and a second cake worked just as well. Felt like gravity has doubled all day. And what was is that squeezes me from inside? My day went on like that.

Beep. That squeezed too hard. Beep. The second one popped a cascade. Beep. Beep. Beep. That’s it, just magic and a gloomy day was undone.

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