A is for Anime

Monday sickness is usual. Today is Tuesday and I’m still bored. I was browsing through the web, entertaining myself and saw the A to Z blog challenge. It starts on April, which means today. Yey! Great timing! Something that should be fun to do 🙂

Enough for the quick introduction, so what’s A? First word I thought of is Anime. I’m turning 25 and I watch anime every morning. I logged in three minutes past my work shift today. The temperature this summer doesn’t get below 30 degrees so I tried a new route and walked beside the shadows of the buildings. I got lost, had to walk for another 10 minutes. If hadn’t watched Detective Conan I wouldn’t be late.

My Dragon Ball drawing when I was 11 years old.

My Dragon Ball drawing when I was 11 years old.

I don’t have a regular shift, but I’m usually on mid-shift. My morning routine is waking up to my alarm, turning on the television to Doraemon then crawling back to bed.  I need my morning anime marathon to start up my day. I should be ready for breakfast when Pokemon is on and I should have taken a shower before Inuyasha ends. I dress up to Flame of Recca and had to leave right after Dragon Ball. I got my schedule fixed and I arrive on time at work. Any by fixed, I mean a little change will ruin my schedule.

This week, there’s a new line up of anime. It’s one of the best line up ever, shame my schedule doesn’t it anymore. When I was still based in Eastwood City my travel time is around 15 minutes, but now that I transferred to Bonifacio Global City I had to allot at least an hour and a half. Sadly, that’s a lot of anime that I need to cutback. Reminder to self: Turn off TV and leave right after One Piece. I like my schedule now, but I won’t complain if I’ll be moved on a late mid-shift so I can finally watch Detective Conan, Inuyasha, Fairy Tail, Slam Dunk and Dragon Ball.

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9 thoughts on “A is for Anime

  1. Welcome to the A to Z I will be passing by from time to time so good luck. It is a long list this year so I have many blogs to visit, this means I can only really say hello and run off into the sunset.

    All the best . . . . . I will return


    • Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z are one of my all time favourites. Full Metal Alchemist is nice, but may not be that appealing to kids. Haven’t heard of Aeon Flux, but it sounds Japanese so it might be anime too. Thanks for visiting. Cheers!


  2. Hi! I’m not very familiar with a lot of anime, though my brother has got his whole family hooked. His wife, his kids … heck, even the cat will come watch some anime with him, sometimes! He keeps loaning us disks to try, but by the time we’re ready to watch one, he needs it back. I’ll have to bookmark your blog and show it to him – who knows if he’ll actually get online to read it, but I’ve been trying for ages to get him to socialize online, and finding a blogger who, like him, is into anime, just might help! 😀 In the meantime, of course, you’ll have other topics to write about. I like your style, though, and I’ll be checking back in now and then, to see what you’re up to. 🙂 Great start to the A to Z challenge, by the way! I just signed up today, too.


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